April is a graphic designer and fine artist who enjoys versatitlity and considers themselves a jack of all trades. She has been working as a freelance designer since 2016, collaborating with companies such as Avalon Apparel and Target. Her main interests are in film and production design but she enjoys any form of artistic project. This portfolio preview highlights some of her digital and hand illustrations. Be sure to click the link to her personal website above to see the full extent of her work :)

Blondie Override Tour

Blondie Override is a nostalgic comeback tour featuring a call back to the 70s & 80’s through its vibrant punk colors and technology of the decades. Immersed in the tour name, the band is featured taking over every element, from TV screens to rotary phones, a classic reference to their hit song “Call Me”. The distinct and intrepid tpye which mimics that of a spray paint, encapsulates the energy of Blondies emergence into the New Wave music genre.

Liptons Tea, Reworking the Brand Citrus Edition

The initiative of this project was to chose a well known brand and conceptualize a design that would improve their image. Lipton tea is a large company, founded in 1890, through the years their marketing, packaging and many other design elements have been revamped. Today Liptons tea sports a plain design, relying on their bright yellow package and red label logo, void of much character. To stand out against the competition and pay respects to over a century of Liptons establishment, the decision for hand and digital illustrations gave balance to a new and old life. Working with influences of Art Nouveau, hand illustrations highlight forms and patterns prominent of the movement, while the type and digital renderings connect the past to the present.

Tails and Scales 5k Benefit

Tails and Scales Animal Rescue is a conceptual project focused on the challenges of working with a non profit. This project evolved around the idea of designing a fundraising campaign, sepcifically a 5K walk and run. Working with knowledge of financial barriers and the importance of advertisement, the idea for a “doggy bag” emerged. Available to donating participants, doggy bags would be filled with T&S merchandise such as stickers, magnets and T-shirts. All cost effective and platforms for advertisement.

Bubble Gum, Stamp Collection

The bubble gum stamp collection is a series of digital and hand illustrations that focuses on the ability to take a single subject and produce as many creative variations of that subject possible. From the hand illustrations, six strong concepts were chosen to be digitally rendered as postal stamps.

Obscure Magazine Subscription

Obscure, your favorite magazine subscription, is the go to for all things supernatural, weird, dark, unknown and fascinating. Showcased here are elements of the subscriptions, mailing letters and envelops as well as business cards and pens. All four sport a variation of the unknown black substance which oozes downward. The choice of type reflects a sense of maturity and is reminiscent of a typewriters product. The hues of green allude to imagery of swamps, chemicals, aliens and fantasy.