Brandon creates to solve problems he sees fit with solutions that speak to him, Graphic design is a way that expresses himself by seeing a problem and seeing what he can do to solve it with his style and try various things to approach the problem. Brandon thinks the way everyone has their own way of approaching a problem with their own unique style is what makes design great and it’s why he loves design and art as a whole.

Porter Robinson Worlds Album Redesign and Tour Campaign

A redesigned album cover for the album “Worlds” by Porter Robinson, as well as a tour campaign poster and merchandise.

Eugene Capstone Project

My capstone project on a smart device “Eugene'' that is more advanced than any other smart device out there. Acting as a Wi-Fi hub and connecting to any device, Eugene is able to record, talk, and save any information that is connected to it. All of your private information is “safe in the memory bank of Eugene at all times.

Jersey Fresh Campaign Poster and AD

A poster and a web ad campaign made for “Jersey Fresh” with a Jersey attitude and a fresh look.

Starset Tour Campaign

A physical/traditional made poster for the band “Starset” used for a tour campaign as well as a vinyl and social media page for the band.

A Doodle A Day

Six different drawings out of thirty that were made every day for thirty days with different mediums and different styles for each individual drawing.