Cecelia George is a Graphic Design major at the College of New Jersey, who takes inspiration from both the natural world to popular media. She seeks to create work that solves the design issue at hand while also incorporating personal style. Being that she is deeply interested in both digital and traditional mediums, Cecelia hopes to move forward in creating a well rounded body of work.

CD Redesign Project

Tasked with redesigning a CD cover for an artist of my choice, I worked to create album art for indie artist Miski. Her album, “Be the Cowboy”, focuses on feelings of loneliness and exhaustion, which bleed through in both her written lyrics and sound. I chose to illustrate an interpretation of the album’s title, which Mitski said herself is not referencing the cowboy we would think of today, but a representation of confidence and, for her, a break away from societal norms.

Book Redesign

This project’s focus was to take a beloved story that is often taught in school and create a cover for it that would appeal to the intended audience. The Cask of Amontillado is a story of deception, madness, and revenge; I worked to create a cover that would touch on these themes in a way that would encourage students to take interest with what’s inside. Making use of dramatic lighting, I intended to portray the drama of the story through the balance of light and dark.

Clothing Brand Design

The goal of this project was to design a clothing brand with a focus on my interest in screen printing and environmental ethics. After extensive research into the causes and effects of the fast fashion industry, I created 3 shirt designs and a poster that touched on points brought up within my final research essay.

Museum App Design

OMOR, or Orlando Museum of Rock, is the name of a fictional museum created for a group project meant to showcase our UI/UX designing skills. After researching different apps, museums, and topics, me and 3 other students created OMOR, an interactive museum that includes both old school rock and exhibits on newer genres.