Jamie is a deep-thinking designer who embraces a collaborative team culture. She thrives when faced with conceptual design challenges and truly believes deep, hidden meanings make for outstanding designs. Jamie loves exploring new ideas, pushing boundaries and thinking outside the box. Her innovative nature allows for exciting brainstorming sessions with her creative and rapid flow of ideas. When not designing, Jamie finds joy in all things animal and singing.

Classic Novel Covers

Each title of these book cover designs plays with typography in an illustrative way to signify key elements relevant to each novel's plot. All three covers also include subtle silhouettes of the famous character associated with each novel.

Tree’s Maple

This packaging and branding for a Vermont-based maple company is meant to have an old homely and woodland feel. When trying to think of a unique stamp for a wax seal, the Vermont quarter came to mind as a recognizable icon to the state. To get the proper facing 3-dimensional image, I made a mold out of the quarter using hot glue.

Black Widow Bulb

I designed, engineered, printed and built this novelty packaging design for a halloween light bulb. I felt the glowing aspect of a lantern would resonate with the object and the holiday. However, I wanted the novel experience to continue when the lantern opens.  The package unfolds into a spiderweb, with the lightbulb acting as the spider within.

Only Beans

My packaging for an all natural coffee bean company uses rustic colors and design elements to create a modern, natural feel.  Each roast has a specific and personalized illustration in addition to a food or snack pairing.


DOOGDOOF was a semester long project in which I branded a dog restaurant. A huge challenge I faced was how to brand toward my ironic target audience of dogs when actually needing to target humans. I solved this by targeting humans, but communicating to them in ways dogs see, hear, and communicate in the world. This project is heavily conceptual with an extensive typographic system that breaks many rules. This was a primary focus while creating this project. You can read more about the concept on my website.

Animal Planet

My re-brand of Animal Planet includes the elephant which Animal Planet believes to be strong, intelligent and majestic enough to represent the entire animal kingdom. The elephant is multi-functional as not only the representation of the animal kingdom slowly walking out of the earth, but also as the continents connecting it.