Nora Strittmatter is a creative and diligent design artist who focuses on learning as much as she can. Her work explores the use of color, and she can compose both professional and lively designs depending on the client's objective. After graduation, Nora intends to use her minor in marketing with hergraphic design major to be a marketing designer for a company creating marketing assets and collaborating in a branding team.  

Capturing a Burning Spring

This project began in my Photography I class during my sophomore year where I was able to capture flowers on fire the moment before the flower turned brown and crisp. This inspired me to start capturing things I found beautiful in nature and take photos of moments people would miss if not there in that second. I compiled all of these photos in a zine to showcase these moments and present them in a more professional design. 

Sole Mates

Sole Mates is designedas a cute but professional brand whose main focus is making socks that are perfectly made for one’s feet. The brand name has underlying tones that these socks are a match perfectly made for the consumer or as in the slogan, a match made in heaven. Thus, within advertising the brand uses hearts and products correlating with love to highlight the socks in a creative way.   

Logo Showcase

This is a showcase of logos I have done for freelance clients and in classes for brands I have created. Before creating a logo, I talk to the client about what they want the logo to convey about themselves and any specific details they already think they would like in their logo design. Each logo is unique and tailored to the client's goal for their brand.

Appreciation of Lubalin Graph

The Appreciation of Lubalin Graph is a designed booklet used to portray the essence of Lubalin Graph as a font. The use of bright colors within the spreads was because Lubalin Graph is often described as bold and loud. The color would also allow the booklet to stand out which was exactly the job of this typeface, to get viewers’ attention. Working with a san serif and geometric text meant very little legibility with small design making me have to use the full capacity of the page and allow the font to be the main element of design.